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Untapped Potential

A Free 1 to 1 on How to Unleash The Power of Business Credit

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Meet Our Executive Vice President at J.Galt:
Brent Barnhart

Brent is a former FedEx Ground P&D and Linehaul Contractor. He spent 14 years contracted, and covered Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Missouri. He had over 100+ Trucks and Employees, and did $6,000,000 in revenue. Being so successful in the industry, when he made the decision to sell and pursue the opportunity with J.Galt, he wanted to share the knowledge and power of what utilizing business credit can do to scale your contracting. He fosters his connection to his roots by attending various Route Consultant Expos and GroundCloud User Forums spanning across the country-spreading the message of what our service can do to make your life easier, and remove the stressors that buying vehicles on your personal credit can do to your score. 

What to Expect From Our 1 to 1:

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I am ready to remove all personal risk!

Click the Link below to sign up for your free 1 to 1 with Brent. We also include a complimentary business credit report to see where your credit is currently at. Even if you haven't reported anything- sometimes other companies have already begun reporting. You may have a history without even knowing it! It's important to address to see if we need to mend something, or even if it can be beneficial and an asset to you! 

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